Practical and Theoretical Knowledge is Increasing Day By Day

GM Himanshu Sharma Sir is a very passionate teacher. He focuses on the minute details while teaching chess. My son Aarav Cholkar is taking classes from him, and I can see his theoretical, as well as practical knowledge, is continuously increasing day by day. We get the schedule per month before the classes start so that I can manage the time in advance.

Not a single day is the class missed because of GM Himanshu or their team members. They have a specialty to teach kids, too, as I never expect that my son, who is only 8 years old, could learn from the top-notch. But I was wrong when I saw the way GM gave them a lecture and the way to handle their query was awesome. I am very much satisfied with my decision to join Pt. Kishori Lal Chess Academy. Thanks, a lot, Sir, for nurturing my kid. I am sure he will soon excel in chess under your guidance.

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